Disable Motion Sensor


**1) This is what i want to happen. I want my motion sensor to cut on and off lights but when i manually change the state of the light to a color or a temperature (say i’m having friends over or watching a movie and i want to change the colors of my lights to set the mood i don’t want my motion sensor catching any movement and resetting the lights to the programmed state, i want the lights to remain the same color i manually changed them to) i want the motion sensor to disable so the lights will remain in that color temperature or color until i cut it off manually or after a 60 minute time frame.

I hope this explains what i’m trying to do. I’m super new to this so i know the basic functions but nothing advanced. Thanks in advance.


This may give you a few ideas, basically, the motion sensor is ignored if the light is already on & it wasn’t turned on by the piston.


You can NOT disable a motion sensor. Maybe in the future but not YET.
What you can do is:
A) Using a variable that defines IF the motion sensor active will DO something with the lights or not.
(Paul’s piston is an example)
or something like this:

   IF motion sensor changes to ACTIVE
  IF myvariable = true
      With the light 
      Turn ON

in this very simple example, if the variable is FALSE, motion sensor won’t be able to turn the lights ON.

B) You can use two pistons and pause one of them when needed (not a highly recommended solution)

If you can post your current piston we can start making suggestions on it.


@bangali has created a great thread for this exact purpose.

  • The 1st piston is for: dumb switch and smart bulb combo
  • The 2nd piston is for: smart switch and dumb bulb combo


Alternative is to set a Mode (Call it Movie). When you set or execute what ever method for color bulds then change the piston should change the mode to Movie. Then in the motion piston just have and exclusion if the mode is Movie to not run.


i actually stumbled upon this piston on someone elses question earlier tonight. Thank you so much for your help. It works perfect.