Do Fuel Streams still work?


I have experimented some, but i see two issues.

  1. cannot figure out how to delete stuff. I now have a hot mess of a clutter.
  2. in the last few days I cannot load the page at all. It just spins.

So this begs the question, is this still being developed, or should i give up? :slight_smile:


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There were some issue back in Feb that were being working on. I have not utilized fuel streams in some time but I am also unable to access at the moment (continuous spinning).

As far as deleting data, you can’t. Lots of discussion elsewhere in the forum


I’ll try to get ady624 to fix the fuel stream servers


… and make them deletable :wink:


Is it working today?


not for me.


fuel streams are working for me, but I still have a wish to delete old ones

my current gambit is to set up a variable device-yyyy-mm for the canister (e.g. dryer 2020-04). and another for the stream itself as yyyy-mm-dd. I’m hoping this will keep the clutter to a minimum, while keeping the graphs readable.

I’m also only writing data points if the value has changed by more than a set amount (1w) - avoiding long periods of no activity being logged.


not sure what’s up with mine then, but if it still just spinning. I even created a second webcore instance (in an attempt to just move all the pistons there and start the fuel streams from scratch to clean up the mess). This second instance is empty, so some bad fuel stream should not prevent it from loading - but it is still just spinning.


Same here, I guess nothing was fixed the first time around.

It’s a feature request as old as fuel streams and only ady624 has access to the servers and data needed to build that feature. Sorry, it just won’t happen.


The streams haven’t been working for quite a while for me. I wonder if they really don’t care about them anymore?


Still down for me too.
Also, my other attempt to clean up fuel streams didn’t work either - I was attempting to move all pistons to a new instance and just delete this one after, but the moving pistons doesn’t work (yet?).
Guess it doesn’t matter if fuel streams are dead.


Yesterday Adrian told me that it looked like a database needed to be cleaned up in order to fix the timeouts. I think we’re waiting on that to happen before fuel streams are stable again.


Thanks for following up!


Fuel streams show up for me now. But there is something I don’t understand. I created a new instance of Webcore. Moved all my pistons there and spent all this time cleaning and relinking everything.
And now that Fuel Streams show up again… i am surprised to see that all the old canisters and data elements from my old Webcore instance are all there! The pistons i had to re-import, the devices i had to relink, the global variables recreated… but the main reason i went through the trouble, which is to clean fuel streams, is still there, haunting me!


As you discovered, multiple WebCoRE instances all write to (and read from) the same Fuel Stream data pool.

Sorry i didn’'t see your post in time to save you that trouble.

What I do to keep my clutter down, is use a canister starting with “Z” during testing. Once i am happy with the piston, i rename to the proper canister.

Then i can repurpose the test canister for my next piston testing. Essentially reusing one dataPoint (at the very bottom) so it never clutters my screen.

I realize this wont help with your current clutter… But its a good habit for future so it wont get worse.


Lol, they can’t get any worse… I was (still am, for all practical purposes) new to Webcore, and my learning process included testing a bunch of new stuff. My fuel stream page is practically unusable now.
Wonder if i completely uninstalled webcore and reinstalled it, then reimported my pistons - would that clean it up?


Not for sure, but i doubt it. I think its tied to your account.

If memory serves me right, you can create.a canister that starts with the letter “A” , and move dataPoints that are rock solid there (so they appear at the top)

Also, a few versions ago, Ian added the ability to “collapse” canisters… (It hides dataPoints, but does not remove them)

If you go this route, i would make sure that pistons are no longer writing to that dataPoint.

Note: Tips for advanced users in rhat first post.


I’m new to Webcore and running into the issue where the webcore logo spins forever when I try to access Fuel Stream. It never worked for me. If someone is aware of a fix, I’m all eyes and ears. Cheers