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Couldn’t figure out where to post this but it would be helpful if the syntax was filled in for the formatDateTime function on the wiki. The entry just has this:

## formatDateTime

Reference -

The problem is the reference link shows all examples with the format string first but formatDateTime requires the value first and then the format string. This is very confusing.


I agree. The wiki is definitely lacking in many areas. My “documentation” skills for updating a wiki are pathetic. @WCmore has added some masterful work recently. (


I would fill it in where I can but you have to have an account.


I think at one point, I requested wiki editing access. It has to come from the image
and I don’t think it was granted. I’m not sure where in our account information that would be noted. But I certainly can understand why they would limit the number of editors. Correcting/proofreading all of the daily posts would be a nightmare. But I agree. I would certainly try to fill in missing information. Giving some of the more active users access to edit the wiki and add some much needed information would be something to consider.


In the meantime, if anyone writes up some examples or whatnot, I will be glad to add it to the appropriate section of the Wiki.

(just tag my name in your post so I am sure to see it)


Here is a quick example, in hopes it points you in the right direction:



I often work with “strings” until I see what comes back… Once I am happy, I correct the variable type.

When working with the variable types:
the results will usually be a giant number, which is great for mathematical calculations.

Pro Tip:

When testing, I recommend making a new piston, with just a single “Location” block. (no triggers or conditions) This lets you quickly press Test to see your results. Once you have the right formula, you can copy and paste that block into your “real” piston…


I added a bit more information to the Wiki / Functions / formatDateTime


Thanks @WCmore. yes, I was testing a new expression and did what I wanted but I often go to the functions wiki page for reminders and got a turned around for a minute when looking at the cited reference. One suggestion on your wiki update is to add the type for the second argument. I would suggest:

formatDateTime(datetime value, string format)


I thought about that, but decided against it to keep it aligned with the term “Symbol” on the reference page.
(since we cannot edit that page)


I just did a major overhaul to: Wiki / Functions / formatDateTime

There are now dozens of more examples, with better terminology used.


Wow. That is really impressive overhaul. Looks great. I think in the reference they use the term symbol for the various code letters but string indicates you can put together a series of symbols and non-symbols to get whatever format you want (like 3-30-20 vs 3/30/20).


Clearly @WCmore is an over-achiever. Looks great :sunglasses:

What software are you using to generate those charts?


LOL… If I am going to do something, I am going to give it 100%…

To answer your question, I believe it is standard wiki markup for tables