Door Left Open Reminder - Configurable by Individual Contact


Does this work for lights left on? Locks left unlocked?

I am trying to use this piston with my Inovelli light switches and Schlage locks. Neither of them are returning any messages.

Everything works fine with my door contacts. Attached is a screenshot of my configuration.

Also on line 24, 25, and 26 I noticed some devices not listed in doorsToCheck (line 17). They are all devices I selected when testing out but no longer need them to be monitored.


Similar logic could be used for lights or locks, but the piston would have to be revised because, as currently written, it checks the status of the device’s contact instead of switch or lock, as you can see on lines 56, 58, and 91 of your snapshot. I’ve never really given this any thought as lights and locks are easy to turn off or lock remotely if they’ve been on or open too long, but I would probably create separate pistons to accomplish this to avoid complications.

Also, note that you have an error on lines 40 and 93, as the originating piston is not correctly specified. If the originating piston is not paused and resumed, the “B” piston may not always behave as expected.

With regard to lines 24-26, on the snapshot you provided those are fixed variables, so I don’t think those are the lines you intended to reference. My suspicion is that you meant to reference one of list variables below the line that says “Do Not Modify.” If so, then what you’re describing is normal. Clearing and/or stuffing list variables has been a hot topic around here for a while, but I don’t recall if the issue was ever fully addressed. In any case, while it’s annoying, it’s also harmless.


Everything was running fine up until 6 days ago when a notification started coming every 5 minutes for Contact Sensor 2 being open (should be every 300 minutes). Is there something wrong with the code?

Around this time the Smartthings app started getting the “Somethings Wrong” error 90% percent of the time. Are these related?


Without a log, it’s hard to diagnose anything, but the fact that the app was working fine and then, without any changes, started failing around the same time as the “Something’s Wrong” error began occurring, seems to suggest the problem may lie elsewhere. I’d take a closer look at the log for errors, as that may help narrow down the issue.