Duplicate devices in WebCoRE?


I have a couple of fans that somehow fell off the network. When I reset them, ST apparently saw the same ID and just started communicating with them. However, WC sees them as duplicate fans. I saw that there was a data cache rebuild, but that didn’t seem to fix it.

How do I get rid of these duplicate devices? In case it isn’t obvious, the devices don’t show in the ST IDE…


Not sure if this might help but how about a hard refresh of the browser when the dashboard is loaded.


That did not seem to help. Also, it shows both in the WC app as well as the browser.


This is still happening. Anything else I can do?


It’s a 15 minute process, but I would try logging into the SmartThings IDE, and then removing the real device (as well as any duplicates you find)… Then wait a few minutes, and try to add the device back. (as if it were a new device)

You will also have to add the “new” device to webCoRE’s list of available devices… and tweak any code that refers to that device…

(and perhaps Ctrl-F5 to hard refresh the Dashboard afterwards)