Duplicate pistons in drop down list


I’m calling a piston from another piston. When I get the drop down list of pistons, I seem to have most pistons twice (a…z,a…z)

I’ve tried a clean up & rebuild of the ide cache, and rebooted the hub. I still see the duplicates. In the webcore dashboard I only see the pistons once. All pistons were imported from ST. Any pistons created new in HE only appear in the 2nd part of the list.


In HE, if you go to the Apps section… do you see one or two instances of webcore?


Theres only the one instance, installed through HPM. I suspect its something to do with the import, as its only the original pistons duplicated. They’re only duplicated on the drop down list when picking a piston to call from another, They dont show on the webcore dashboard, or the list of pistons under the webcore app in HE.


One more thing to try is to log out of the webcore dashboard.


Thanks, that seems to have resolved it. It’s left my test piston calling a non existent piston, but I have the correct list of pistons to choose from now.