Echo Multi-Room Speakers


I am having trouble getting my piston to work with Echo Speaks and multi-room speakers. I have the exact same piston that works with the echos individually. I am using a virtual switch to activate the piston. Is there something else I need to add? Does anyone have an example piston that works with multi-room speakers that I could try?


If you’re doing it with the Echoes, I don’t think you can play multi-room (simultaneous play) through Webcore. Only through Amazon.


I am very new to Echo Speaks so this may not be correct. Can you use the Echo Speaks app to set up to play Amazon music and trigger that from within the app by monitoring your switch change? You may not even need webcore.


That, I do not know. I don’t use the ES app. Just Webcore.

@dman97, what kind of speaker is Music Player 7?


Webcore sees the multi-room group from echo speaks so I thought that it would be able to play music over them like it does individually. I guess i will try to find another way to do it.


Music Player 7 is a multi-speaker group in Echo Speaks. (They are 2 echo dots)