Echo Speaks Environment Loaded - Yet Echo Devices not available in WebCoRE


I have loaded the Echo Speaks environment and it “seems” to be in place. For example, I see the Echo devices in the Smart Things APP. In the SmartThings IDE I see the Echo devices and Smart App and Device Handler; however, I don’t see the Echo devices when in WebCoRE.
I have noticed that for all my Smart APPs (WebCoRE and Echo Speaks) the OAuth shows True yet for the Echo Speaks Device Handler it does not. Could this be my problem? If so, how can I remedy it?

Thanks for your assistance.



You need to open your instance of webcore in the ST app, go to settings > available devices and select the echos. Then refresh your dashboard.


Let’s start with the obvious: now that you can see the devices in the ST app, did you also remember to add them into Webcore?

ST App->Automation->Smart Apps->Webcore
Settings->Available Device-s->audio notification devices (or notification devices, or specch synthesizers), etc


Thank you very much. I see them know.


Thank you very much. I see them now.