Echo Speaks questions


Two questions about Echo Speaks:

  1. It’s not possible to execute any arbitrary command as if spoken to Alexa, right? e.g. there’s no Echo Speaks function like issueCommand(“turn on the Fire TV”) ? If not, any not-too-hacky workarounds for this (other than Logitech Hub Harmony for this specific example - I mean in general for any command…)?
  2. Same question about Alexa routines, e.g. there’s nothing like executeRoutine(“My Custom Alexa Routine”), right?


Yes, but you can execute any piston with voice command by using virtual switches


For question #1, I believe you are right… This is the method that I use to send any command to Alexa… It works for all native commands as well as any arbitrary skills you have installed.

The initial setup takes about 20-30 minutes, but it allows any piston to send any command with a single character here in webCoRE.