Echo Speaks searchMusic ->What is CLOUDPLAYER service?


I’ve got ES up and working to speak text and play commercial songs in my Amazon account, but I want to be able to play a sound effect or 2 for fun. Like when the garage door opens I play a Star Trek turbolift door open. Currently I’m doing that via an always on old Windows tablet connected by BT to a Dot using VLC Thing. It generally works, but being Windows it’s not the most reliable thing. Too many things can and do go wrong, and I don’t really want to have a tablet connected just to play a sound effect now that ES can speak text. I’m hoping for less technology hops from webcore to Alexa. Ideally what I’d like to do is be able to upload a few sound effects to onedrive, google drive, or some other clould service that I could then ask Alexa to play using searchMusic or some other method.

I’m not sure what CLOUDPLAYER is below as a providerID in searchMusic of Echo Speaks:

searchMusic(String searchPhrase, String providerId)

Used to play music from the desired music provider
Accepted Parameters:
SearchPhrase (String): “thriller” * providerId (String): “AMAZON_MUSIC”
Example Usage: searchMusic(“thriller”, “AMAZON_MUSIC”)

Thanks for the suggestions.


I’m not sure what version of ES you have installed but on the newer one, the format changed, an example is searchAmazonMusic('name of song or soundtrack').

Also, at the moment, we cannot play uploaded tracks. I used to do that with vlcthing.


I have smartapp and dth version 2.0.5 which seems to be the latest, right?

String appVersion() { return “2.0.5” }
String appModified() { return “2018-12-05” }

In addition to searchamazonmusic, I have the above searchmusic in webcore as a do action which is also still in the wiki. It seems like searchamazonmusic(“thriller”) is basically the same as searchmusic(“thriller”,AMAZON_MUSIC), but I see no searchcloudplayer(). Just wondering what that service is. Was thinking it might be Double Twist Cloudplayer which allows you to play songs from onedrive/dropbox/google drive. That would be perfect, but I see no way to connect the service to Alexa.