Ecobee Thermostat Control


I need some pointers on ecobee control. I’m shooting for once I leave the house for the thermostat to go into away mode and to go into home mode when I get home. The main issue I’m having is being able to specify the mode.


This guy will do what you need if you are using ST modes and Ecobee modes.


After much headache I got my previous devices removed and installed this one. Definitely a lot more features. I’ll report back with how well it fits the bill in a few days.


Instead of using Ecobee built in routine changes, I use ST to set my temps via routines.

So I have an away routine and home routine. Both of those change modes in ST. in those Routines, I set temps. This gives me easier control over changes through out the summer. Done side is you cant set different temps for upstairs or downstairs if you have 2 Ecobees. I do have Ecobee Routines set as a backup in case something happens but I never adjust them or set it manual unless ST goes down.


So you raised a new question for me. By what means are you setting away and home? Reasons I ask is I am having the worst trouble getting adequate and reliable presence sensing. Right now I have 4 webhooks and my cell phone modifying a variable that after it hits 2/5 it considers me present as I was getting a lot of false positive/falses with one or each setting presence.


I use the Life360 app to track the whereabouts of my family. We us the connector in ST to utilize Life360. Every now and then the connector seems to have an issue. I just have to click through the setup not changing anything and then it kicks in. On average it works great though. I have also read where people have used logging connection to WIFI at home to determine if people are home. This seems like the most accurate solution but much more involved to get it set up. That is assuming they havent turned off their WIFI on phone.


I was really close to do the same but the constant tracking was something we weren’t fond of. It was great it was just us but it still seemed a little creepy. Anything that can do the same for just at a house would be amazing! If you have pointers here is my thread on working with my multifactor presence:


Update 1: So far its working great but I found that with great power comes great responsibility. After setting a self adjusting safety for cooling the house in our vegas weather, a bug of mine set to -304. Lol, it was a scramble from work to get it quiet down :stuck_out_tongue:


Thread bump!
I’m working on using my thermostats vacation mode as a means to toggle our house into vacation mode. I have the DTH and smartapp that Boxfan posted, I’m just not sure what value translates to vacation hold/mode. Any help?