Ecobee thermostat not listed in available devices


Today my Ecobee thermostat was showing OFFLINE in SmartThings. The history showed it was offline for over 24 hours. I was unable to get it back online, so I deleted the device in the IDE and added it again in the ST app. It added back in and authorized ST on the Ecobee side. It shows up in ST and can control the thermostat.

The problem I’m having is that it now does not show up in the list of available devices in webCoRE, so the pistons that use it are not going to work. Has anyone ever seen this issue?


Are you saying it isn’t shown in the available devices in the webCoRE SmartApp when you go to authorise it? If so have you looked inside the capability groups? The most prominent two lists use the deprecated Actuator and Sensor capabilities that are only used in old integrations so you need to delve into the capability groups to find a capability the device actually has.


You nailed it… I never selected a device in one of those. Sure enough… it was there.


Is your Ecobee working correctly in Webcore still? I found it and re-added it like suggested. But, I have several pistons running Keen vents that look at cooling set point vs vent temp and heating setpoint vs vent temp. The cooling setpoint choice is there. But, the heating setpoint choice is no longer an option.


I just verified. Heating setpoint is an available choice. I just changed one of my cooling setpoints to heat setpoint.