Email as a Trigger


1) Give a description of the problem
New to Webcore, Information i found on how to use email as trigger leads me down many paths without a clear answer. Tried the IFTT route and others, Apologies if I am missing it, can someone help?

2) What is the expected behaviour?
When email received, trigger a Virtual Sensor in ST

Would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!


I don’t think the webcore email trigger was ever finished as you can see in this thread… At one point I used a raspberry pi that I had laying around and installed a node that I used to inspect email subject and used that as a trigger to hit a webCoRE piston url.


There needs to be a “middle-man” in place for email triggers to work…

I use Tasker on Android to monitor my incoming emails…
(some of which will trigger a piston here in webCoRE)


Thanks @WCmore

Would you happen to have a link to or could you provide me the setup steps using
tasker & webcore? Thanks much!


I have tons of examples peppered throughout this forum…

Basically, Tasker can monitor notifications on your Android
(from certain apps or people, or even containing specific subjects etc)

When one comes in, it can send a HTTP GET request to a piston’s External URL.

I found a direct link that may be helpful.
The page is long, but you only need to look at step 6 - line 1

This shows how Tasker can trigger off of a notification.

Tasker might be able to do this out of the box, but in the example above, I use a $3 plugin for Tasker called AutoNotification to monitor my notification tray. (it has more features and makes Tasker even more powerful)


@WCmore MUCH appreciated. I’ll read thru them and give it a try! Have a Great Day! Thanks again!


Sure thing. For what it’s worth, I spent $6 on Tasker ten years ago, and it is still the best $6 I have spent this decade!

(and the price is about half that now)


:slight_smile: I just purchased it on your recommendation. I’m going to read thru the material you provided. I’ll let you know how it goes… either way. ty


It is a powerhouse!

One small tip. Tasker really respects your privacy, so by default, some of the advanced features will not work on day one. The first time you try “X”, you will get a popup, where you can decide whether to give Tasker permission to this one feature or not. Go slow, and pay attention, because these popups only happen once. (and it is easier to access the hidden settings directly from the popup)

Personally, I find this refreshing over the other apps that ask for 200 permissions at the moment of install…