Enabling Alexa as speaker in webcore



I want to utilize my Amazon Echo for announcements. But I can not seem how to make Alexa as an available speaker in WebCore. I have Amazon Alexa as a SmartApp in Smarthings Classic on my phone, but the speaker does not show as a device in smarthings or in webocore. Can someone point me in the right direction.


This is what you need if you have not done so already…


Thanks, I found that just a few minutes ago. I now seem to be flummoxed on the Community installer portion, no issues with DHL but do seem to determine how I get the Welcome to Community Installer screen, looks like a phone app/smart app but instruction are vague after the OAuth link install.


Post in that thread and someone would chime in to assist. I have not used the community installer myself so not much help from me on that topic.


Thanks for the suggestion, I have been able to get Alexa speaks to work. Now to experiment with this new capability.