"Error parsing JSON data"


Not sure if this is the correct subforum for this. I have a piston that makes a http request to a generator controller on my LAN, then parses some JSON data to populate piston variables. This piston was running in my SmartThings webCoRE instance successfully for a year or so, then I migrated from ST to hubitat, and migrated the piston to a new webCoRE instance running on my hubitat hub.

The piston appears to be working occasionally, but sometimes returning JSON parsing errors. It is working well enough to correctly populate my piston variables, but I also am getting consistent log entries similar to this:

2020-09-24 15:45:45.575 error░║ Error parsing JSON data [SID:679300888, USER:[ID:43, NAME:, ROLE:0], MODULE:[MODEL:32792, USBID:671c1465e3, LINK:1, ALARMLEVEL:0, VERSION:257, MODULENAME:], INFO:[UNITMODEL:855, UNITVERSION:1.0.23, MODULEDESCVERSION:1.0.77, BOOTLOADERVERSION:1.0.3, SERIAL:C1C25BC96, TIMER:12768072, USBTX:55707, USBRX:40394, TCPTX:0, TCPRX:15223], IP:[DHCP:false, DNS:3232236542, GATEWAY:3232236542, MODBUSPORT:502, IP:3232236328, MASK:4294967040, PORT:80, HOST:DSE855, MAC:e8:a4:c1:01:0f:0c], REBOOT:0, SAVE:0, MODBUS:[0:0, 1:2147483645, 2:2147483647, 3:100, 4:0, 5:138, 6:0, 7:0, 8:0, 9:0, 10:2147483647, 11:0, 12:2147483647, 13:2147483647, 14:0, 15:0, 16:2147483647, 17:2147483647, 18:0, 19:0, 20:2147483647, 21:2147483647, 22:600, 23:1201, 24:1193, 25:2147483647, 26:2391, 27:2147483647, 28:2147483647, 29:2147483647, 30:2147483647, 31:2147483647, 36:2147483647, 32:2147483647, 33:2147483647, 34:2147483647, 226:0, 227:0, 228:0, 229:2147483647, 230:0, 231:0, 232:0, 233:2147483647, 234:0, 235:2147483645, 236:2147483645, 237:2147483647,...[TRUNCATED]groovy.json.JsonException: Unable to determine the current character, it is not a string, number, array, or object

The current character read is 'S' with an int value of 83
Unable to determine the current character, it is not a string, number, array, or object
line number 1
index number 1

Piston contents:

Is this a bug in the JSON parser or am I doing something wrong here?


This blows my mind…



Any ideas? Is there more debug logging that I can turn on for this type of thing?