Every other (2) week trigger broken


Anyone on Hubitat have success using every other (every 2) week trigger?

Seems this is a longtime known bug in webcore no one has fixed. I can create a workaround, but why does the option exist if it doesn’t work - should just be deprecated if no-one is going to try to fix it…does every 3, 4 + week not work either?


So I posted an update to HE hopefully to fix this.

It will schedule the first one (after save or pause), for next week, then should be every N weeks after that.


That’s great! Much appreciated, Eric.


Ensure you HPM repair when you get a chance, fixed a possible bug. No need to pause resume, but do an HPM repair.



Update: 2 week piston last ran Saturday, and webcore now shows next scheduled in 11 days!

I think it’s fixed. Much appreciated, Eric.


Confirmed working now. Thanks again.