Example for detecting manual switch/dimmer changes


This or similar logic may have been posted before, but I couldn’t find it. So sorry if this is a repeat.

I wanted to know when a switch or dimmer changed manually, but my devices do not support the “Physical Interaction” qualifier in Webcore IF statements.

I wanted this so I could create AUTO/MANUAL modes for each light. I wanted a light to stay on if it was manually turned on, and not allow auto control until the light was manually turned off.

If anyone knows a simpler way, please let me know.


I imagine most smart dimmer lights would tell the hub what level they are at. You could just look for a change in light level.

[EDIT] - I see you looked for that already.


Thanks, yes I tried to make this piston detect both manual Switch and Dimmer changes. I overlooked the fact that both dimmer and switch changes may fire very close in time during an automatic change. The second trigger caused the light to transition into Manual. I added a little logic to ignore all but the 1st trigger if multiple events happen within 10 seconds. That seemed to help. The piston works very well if only looking for switch changes.