Exclude users from PUSH notifications?


Is there a way to exclude users for certain WebCore Piston push notifications? I know I can shut off for all notifications. I know back when ST had a contacts list (unsupported address book) you could select the contact that way but I’m not finding that in Hubitat. I have several monitoring pistons setup that I only need the notifications on and the fam is getting annoyed getting them, however there are other pistons that they do need the notifications on.



What are you using for notification device?

Pushover lets you create separate devices with different setting for example.

Other notification devices may be similar


Sorry I should have been more specific. I’m pushing to our phones, all Android devices. This is the line of code in the Piston that currently goes to all devices. I’d like to be able to just send this one to mine only though.



If you have your phones as devices in webcore, just select which phone you want.


that does not work for me… sends to every device but I am using iOS so not sure if that matters


Sorry, ignore the above. I use Hubitat and I send SMS notifications to the Hubitat app. I cannot send Push notifications with Hubitat.


In Hubitat,

  • you can configure webcore to have a single destination for send push.

    • this is using standard notification devices in HE, so if you choose a notification device that lets you setup separate devices / people to notify, you can use this device as you do other devices in webcore to send notifications (it would not be send push built in command however, as that has a single destination).
  • HE (and even ST now I think) does not have a contact list. But you should be able to do this with pushover, etc notification devices, and add the devices to HE and use them to send a device command directly.

    • ie if you have 4 contacts, you create 4 notification devices in HE, then you add these to webcore, then you can do with device(s) sendNotification(xxxx) in webcore.

I use pushover for this myself, but HE has several different notification devices available.


Thanks for the info, I will look into how to create the Notification Devices and set it up this way.



Thank you again sir. I have it in there like this and it’s working just fine… The fam no longer gets the occasional Device Offline notifications