Executing a Piston from a URL


Oh, for the Love of God…
Last week, after a very long day, I finally got this URL working (in ActionTiles):

I CANNOT for the life of me remember/find/discover where 1xxxxx and 2xxxxx came from???
I know that 3xxxxxx is the Piston ID from Webcore, https://dashboard.webcore.co/piston/:3xxxxxxxxxx:

I assuming 1xxxxx, and 2xxxxx are access tokens from Smartthings??

Please :slight_smile: Tell me what they are/point me where to find them (again)?

I’m learning the hard way about making notes and documenting my actions…

Many thanks in advance,



Open your piston for editing and you’ll see the External Piston link.



super Quick reply, thank you - Yep, that’s my 3xxxxxxxx: I know where that comes from, (as you say, the Piston URL)

I’m after

they are both in the format:

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


IshouldlearntodoasI’m*told… :slight_smile:

Got it. If you open the link, you get the whole URL, including 1xxxx, and 2xxx

You’re awesome. thank you.

Time for a beer and a cheer.