Fade Cancellation


Personally, I do not think it’s worth the hassle really.
Fades turn an easy piston into a complex beast…
… and complex pistons into a troubleshooting nightmare.

Instead, I am a fan of webCoRE sending clean, concise commands, and then stopping so other pistons can run efficiently.


I know that this thread is a bit old now, but I thought I would quickly share my solution for this. I haven’t created to many complex pistons yet. I am still trying to learn my way around, so please be kind.

This is my piston for for fading lights up. In this example i wanted the fade up to have finished by 15 minutes before sunset, but only if i was at home.
You can set the color temperature, from, to levels and the fade duration (in minutes) at the top of the piston. You can also set a post fade duration, (in minutes) which will turn the lights off.


So I have played with fades (HE most recent webCoRE release), and they do seem to cancel via normal tcp rules…

If there is a piston that shows the error, I would like to see it.

This is the test I did (I used flash, but the same operation on HE). This is started via test…

Part if this is HE schedules fades incrementally vs all at once as ST does. ie it progresses a step at a time internally.

Note this test relies on TCP.