Fan Treatment (from Wink to ST)


Hi, this is my first piston and first contribution to the forum.
I wrote up this piston after moving my Home Decoration fan from my Wink hub to my SmartThings platform.

I’m currently in the process of transferring my home automations from Wink to ST. Wink is niice but I feel it’s a little dated and not receiving the support it needs. In fear of having to do this in a rush and the event wink folds I started the transition slowly. Only have a few things there, Locks, Garage Opener and some Wink Door/Windows Sensors and siren.

The Fan was the one I chose to start the transition after installing KoF custom Device Handler I learned to appreciate the ease of used of Wink Robots. Tried many options to automate the robots I had created in Wink with ST Apps to no avail. After some hesitation decided to give WebCore a try. And it worked! Was happy with the outcome and decided to share my first piston with the community.

It’s very simple: during specified hours the piston check if the fan is off and the temperature is rising above a specified level. If these conditions are true the fan automatically trigger the comfort breeze setting of the Fan. Otherwise the fans turns off.

Noticed that a gave a 5 minutes grace period prior to shutting off. This allows for manual override of the fan for 5 minutes if the conditions aren’t true prior to turning off again.
Hope someone else can benefit from this.