Feed the dog reminder


Here is my piston to let me know if our pets need to be fed. I stuck a SmartThings multi-purpose sensor (ContactSensor18) on the dogfood storage bin lid. I have a Kindle Fire with a virtual/simulated(?) dimmer switch (Dimmer3). If the pets haven’t been fed by the kiddos in past 8 hours, the tile turns red.

This could be simplified a bit but I wanted to try and show the hours since fed with the dimmer % on ActionTiles.


Love it! Care to share how your actiontile settings for dimmer is setup. Mine is adjusting but seems to be going the wrong way. Each change I make I have to wait an hour to find out if i am getting closer


I have the hourly counter incrementing via the piston above, line 31 turns on the switch which causes the tile to change color.

In ActionTiles, Tile type shows Virtual Dimmer Switch:
When switch on, Tile Intention = Warn
When switch off, Tile Intention = Normal



What is the reason for the wait then second turn off? And, why fade to 0 in 0 seconds and not just setlevel to?


It was some trickery to make the dimmer % show on the ActionTile while keeping the switch off. It flashes to on briefly. I think I found some example here in the forum for similar use.


Kevin. Thank you. I had mine setup backward. Still don’t have it working quite right. Now that I have my tile setting right it must be something else. Pretty hard to screw up the virtual dimmer so I will cross that one off the list. I too am using the Samsung multipurpose sensor but so many way to set it up. I am only using the main part of the sensor. When the door to the dog food bin is open smartthings registers acceleration. Though I am curious are you using it with both sides (open\close) sensor. I stuck the other side of it to mine to see how that altered things but action tiles is down so I can’t see anything.

My current setup (pre adding both sides of the sensor) after the first hour it would jump to 8% then if nothing happened it appeared to climb a % an hour. If I opened it would jump again by a larger %.


I actually have the sensor in ‘garage door’ mode so it acts as a tilt sensor. This requires the sensor be oriented in a specific way to detect open/close though; it looks funny how it is mounted on food bin but it is hidden in pantry so I don’t mind. Using the contact sensor / magnet should give same result and possibly better mounting.