Fibaro Keyfob Example


Evening Everyone,
Does anyone use the fibaro keyfob and have a piston example of it running?
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Here you go… I used to have it using all 30 inputs but my tenants were confused and only wanted the single clicks (1-6)… just add more cases as required.

Button to trigger action directly vs trigger a different piston?

Awesome Stuff Rob!!


Quick question - can I ask when adding a case, does that automatically get assigned to the button?


The piston is already subscribed to all 30 button presses.

So yes, add additional switch cases and they will respond to the corresponding button press, same as the first 6 do.


To save someone the time to re-create all 30 cases and organize them by Button not numerical order, I present this lovely piston for folks to start from.

Hope you find it useful, as I found @RobinWinbourne’s!

Fibaro Key Fob HELP!

@RobinWinbourne LIFE CHANGING


looks like @Fe2_O3 has rightfully taken ownership of this one (including the praise) haha… mine was not complete (never used all the buttons) and didn’t have the comments to help navigate the cases.


Holy Snopes…
Sorry to @Fe2_O3 - that really wasnt cool! Great job on this!



Awesome, thanks!
I realize this post is a few years old but I thought I should point out that “triangle hold, case 21”, should be changed to case 22. It’s just a typo in the code.

I spent some time (longer then I’d like to admit) trying to find why my triangle hold didnt work.