Flash Lights when Dog Pees in my yard


I’ll play with using variables. Haven’t set variables since my college visual basic class. Thanks for the tip

Just figured out that Fade Level is like the dimmer level. For some reason, when I set the color to red, the dimmer goes to 50%. ST is setting the dimmer to 50% on red even though the dimmer was 100%. I learnt more about colors in the last hr than I did in art class. HSL, Fade, saturation K, etc etc.

It seems to like 50% dimmer/fade levels. I have to force it to 100%


You do you, but IMO, “Set level to 100%” is preferred over it’s emulated counterpart of “Fade level to 100%”.

Just my two cents.


In this case, choose the Type as integer… and leave it (no value set) up top in the define section. Your code in the body will read and write to that variable.


are you sure level = dimmer level or light in the context of hs"L". For example, Red HSL is 0, 100, 50. Could it be using 50 for dimmer level ad light level? This may have to do with ST and HUE. IN Hue, you there is a dimmer level for red which can go from zero to 100.


the L in HSL is not the Level I was referring to.

“Set Level to 100%” is a separate command that makes the bulb as bright as it is capable of.

Note, with some bulbs, some colors cannot reach 100% brightness without affecting the color.


Nothing works consistently with the levels. Either Level or Fade.

Is there a way to force levels. The log says it is skipping because there would be no change to the device.



Set level to 100%

Although don’t forget my note in my last post.

In other words, if you send the command:
Set level to 100%
and if the log shows:
“skipping because there would be no change to the device”
then your bulb is already at the max level of brightness.

You could try:
Set level to 99%
to force a change… although your eyes will likely not detect it.


It might have a different control in the ST app, but HSL is intrinsically linked to brightness / dimmer level.

The following video is for HSB but the principal is the same, you need to adjust brightness to achieve certain colours, otherwise everything but pure R, G or B will appear as off-whites.


Great video… Thanks for sharing!