Font Awesome icon piston tiles (updated)



These example piston tiles make use of layers and feature background and foreground colors, rotating and/or flashing elements and counters:

Meant more as samples, you’ll need to hit test to see the tiles as there is no other triggering. The watts and amps counters are fed by variables so can be used with devices that offer those values.


Here’s a new set of Font Awesome icons. Not so much rotating or flashing this time, the focus was on layered offset images to give a little feel of depth. The Alarm System ones layers about six icons for each LED. If you try to spin an offset it wobbles so for the rotating pump a fixed un-spinning circle behind the pump is the best that can be done.

As before, hit test to see the icons.


Nice job on the 3D effect! Thanks for sharing.


Nice! Thanks for taking the time to post these examples!