Frequent Piston “Recompiles”


I’ve noticed that every few weeks some of my pistons fail to interact with their devices. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern, and it doesn’t affect all the devices in the piston.

If I edit then save the piston, things go back to normal.

Is this expected behaviour? Is there a way of scheduling the piston “recompiles” on a periodic basis?


There is no ‘compilation’ except when you install new versions on HE (User install).

You can turn on low logging to see what events the piston is receiving.

I would ensure you are on the latest HE version of webCoRE - hpm repair.


I’m using the built in app, currently on v0.3.114.20230130_HE.

When it happens I’ve noticed that logging I’ve put into the pistons still gets written out. I’ll have a closer look at the WebCore logs next time it happens.

But why would edit/save resolve the issue?


edit/save is mostly the same as pause/resume on a piston.

The version I need for the built in is at:

HE console -> Apps -> webcore

The March 2, 2023 is most interesting here. The other strings have meaning for IDE behaviors.


Here you are


I would update…


Ok, thanks.