Fuel Streams Not Working Anymore?



Does anyone else has problems with loading fuel streams webpage?
When I’m trying to access the page, it stuck on webcore spinning logo.


Mine are currently working.

This shows the relative distance between the moon and us. (late May 5th was the Perigee)

In the graph, 100% is the closest distance on record. (221.4 thousand miles)
… and 0% is the farthest distance on record. (252.7 thousand miles)

For reference, the current distance is about 223.7 thousand miles…

My apologies for rambling…
I am unable to post a picture without also giving a point of reference. :sunglasses:


Did you ever get this resolved? I am having the same problem.
Just a spinning logo.
Worked last week.



I am getting the spinning logo now too…

Tech Observation:

My element inspector reveals hundreds of errors with “webCoRE.min.css

There is also another block in the CSP:

Content Security Policy: 
The page’s settings blocked the loading of a resource at 

(“script-src https://dashboard.webcore.co 'unsafe-inline' 'unsafe-eval' https://www.google-analytics.com https://www.google.com https://*.api.smartthings.com https://*.hubitat.com https://*.googlesyndication.com https://googleads.g.doubleclick.net https://csi.gstatic.com https://www.gstatic.com https://maps.google.com https://maps.googleapis.com https://*.fontawesome.com”).


OK, mine is working again, seemed to be just temporary. Didn’t change anything.


Right you are…


Is anyone else getting the spinning logo for Fuel Streams now?


Are Fuel Streams still available? Getting the loading spinner. Never worked for me.


Same for me for as long time now/ :frowning: