FYI - get ready to Transition from the Classic app


  • Smart Home Monitor in WebCore - Because of security and privacy concerns, we can’t support SHM state changes in webCORE pistons moving forward. We know this is important functionality though, so we’ve provided a workaround. Use a custom automation in the new app to change SHM state by using presence detection, location mode, or a virtual switch as a trigger and then reference that trigger in your webCORE piston to accomplish the same thing.


It makes no sense to me to transition from Classic to the new SmartThings app… when down the road, we’ll have to transition again to the new API version…

What are they thinking?!?
IMO, Classic needs to stay up and available until the new API is fully developed and tested…

Especially considering that each version starts with fewer and fewer capabilities…

If I am forced to transition, it should only be from Classic to the new (tested and fully working) API version… That “middle” version should be 100% optional!!


It dawns on me that the “new SmartThings app” could easily be just an early version of the API version. They want public use… feedback… (and patience)…
Honestly? I am OK with all of that. (this is a pioneering technology, after all)

I just want to ensure that what is currently working (Classic at 99%) continues working (at least) until the new API development has progressed (nearly) equal to what is current.

Is that too much to ask?!?

(This means Variables and Expressions, at a bare minimum)