Garage door sensor notification issue



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Trying to create a piston that will notify me if the garage door opens. However due to Smarthings motion sensor reporting false positives I’ve set up the piston to check for acceleration first and then if within 5 seconds the sensor is rear side up it sends a push notification. This works however, It send loads of push notifications and I only really require one notification to be sent. Can any one help me identify what I may need to do to control the notifications being sent please.

2) What is the expected behavior?
A single notification being sent when the garage door is opened.

3) What is happening/not happening?
I’m getting multiple push notifications

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Why not simply do

if Gararge Door Contact CHANGES TO open
send Notification

You want to know when it has opened right?

I’ll try to put somethign together - wont be able to test for a little while though

Edit - I had time to test it LOL

Yup this works, single notification - edit/tweak to your needs


Thank you for your reply. I did try that but the sensor would say the garage door was open when it wasn’t (a common issues with the smartthings sensor apparently!) which is why I added to variables happening within 5 sec, that being the door moving and the sensor rear up. It has stopped the false notifications being sent however now I’m getting loads.


Oh … wait - you are using an accel sensor not a garage door opener - my apologies … my solution may not work then


Yes sorry I’m using a smartthings multisensor open/close sensor but set as a garage door sensor! I hope that makes sense. Apologies as I should have mentioned this before.


Hi Egoman,

I’m a newbie just getting started using webCoRE and its powerful capabilities to extend the uses of my Smartthings devices. While I don’t have an answer to your webCoRE question I have an alternate solution.

I’m also using a Smartthing’s contact sensor mounted on my garage door to provide door status and to push notifications to my phone. However, instead of using the acceleration I’m using the device status of (Open/Closed). Since I implemented my solution long before I discovered webCoRE I found a solution using Smartthings Smart Apps.

Here are the basic instructions on my implementation to push a notification using the garage door sensor status :

>>> Push Notification When Garage Door Opens <<<
Start Smartthings App > Marketplace > SmartApps > Safety & Security > Notify Me When

Contact Opens > Insert Your Garage Sensor Here
Notify me via Push Notification > Yes
Assign a name > Enter Message Here

>>> Push Notification When Garage Door Closes <<<
Start Smartthings App > Marketplace > SmartApps > Safety & Security > Notify Me When

Contact Closes > Insert Your Garage Sensor Here
Notify me via Push Notification > Yes
Assign a name > Enter Message Here

I’ve also created a number of push notifications if the garage door is open more than x minutes

>>> Push Notification When Garage Door Open More Than X Minutes <<<
Start Smartthings App > Marketplace > SmartApps > Safety & Security > Smart Home Monitor - Security > Custom > New Monitoring Rule > What kind of device do you want to use? > Open/Close Sensor >
Select Open/Close Sensors > Insert Your Garage Sensor Here
What Do You Want To Monitor?

Sensor Opens > Select Your Slider Here
For how long? (Mintues) > Enter your time here
Select Next
Text & Push Notification > Send push notification > Select Slider Here
Custom message > Enter Your Message Here

Hope this helps.

Since I’m wanting to learn webCoRE if you find a solution to your question I’d appreciate a heads up



I’ll try that however I was hoping to do this in webcore to keep everything in one place. Also since the sensor was sending a false positive which was ‘Open’ when it wasn’t I’m assuming this will still do the same?
Thanks for the suggestion.


Thinking this through a bit while procrastinating about snow removal …

If Contact1 accelleration sensor CHANGES to Rear side up

instead of IS rear side up


I’ve had this issue. This is what I use…I created a global variable. (I’m not sure if the statements from line 65 work - I noticed an issue recently where the door was shut, but the variable indicated it was open, and I tried to rectify it, but I dont think it worked).

I have a large TV room, and I’ve got it set up so that when the garage door is open, one of the lights turns pink; the extra code is to either turn it back off (if the other lights are off), or to turn it back to whatever the other lights are (if they are on)


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try it and let you know how I get on.


Thank you for solving my issue.