Garage Door Tilt/Open Sensor


1) Give a description of the problem
I am seeking assistance on creating a piston on a smarthings multipurpose open/close sensor for the garage door.

2) What is the expected behavior?
I would like to check between the hours of 2300 hours, and 0600 hours to check the sensor if open for 15 minutes, then close the garage door.

where do i go next? Help is appreciated.


I am thinking something like this:

IF Sensor's contact stays open for 15 minutes
    IF Time is NOT between 6AM and 11PM
        Close Garage door
    END IF

Everyday at 11PM
    IF Garage Door is open
        Send SMS = "Garage is still open"
    END IF
  • The first block catches 99% of events. (the inverted time is intentional)
  • The second block is a safety net… It sends an alert in case the 15 min timer expired before 11PM.


@WCmore Thanks. I forgot to mention the garage doors used are chamberlin wifi. I am using the smart app myq lite which creates virtual push buttons. One for opening and one for closing manually. I have it scheduled through myq to auto close if open at 1030pm. ran into an issue where my wife let the dogs out around 11pm and forgot to close the garage door. To my surprise when I woke up for work and looked out the window to see that the garage door was in fact open. I went out and purchased a smartthings multipurpose sensor for an open action. I wrote the below to toggle the virtual close button. I made several tests and it appears to work very well. and shuts the garage door perfectly in my test mode.

I left off the push notification. Added on this revision.