GE smart outlet CLICKS


I think I know the answer to my question but… I’ll ask any way for confirmation…

I have GE smart outlets in every room in the house.
We had a power outage yesterday and 3 of them started clicking non-stop.

What I found on the internet is they are fried…
do you know any other explanation or solution or are the really fried?

thank you for the help.


Most likely they are. Try turning off power at the breaker and see if that has any effect on them. Also contact Jasco support. Depending on their age, they may offer to replace them. You never know :slight_smile:


There may also be a tiny pinhole that you can push to reset them…


I did and yet they were still clicking…


There were 4 pinholes…2 on top two bottom… I pushed them with a paperclip and got electrocuted :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I was thinking this earlier, only one pinhole at a time lol, or else you’d be clicking


*clears his throat*

Sorry, I should have specified one at a time…
(and only if the pinhole is circular, LOL)


all good now…



I hope you weren’t electrocuted or you’d be dead! :joy: