Geofencing on hubitat


How do you use webcore on hubitat to make a presence sensor and be able to make automations for say like to unlock a door


You need a presence device on HE that works for doing the geofencing.

The choices have been

  • HE mobile app
  • Life360
  • the webcore mobile apps (I’m not sure who if anyone updates these)

I think recently Life360 had bad weekend for api issues.

If you search the HE forum for presence devices/apps, you should find above (and maybe more)


Yeah the geofencing on hubitat sucks and 360 isn’t working at this point but even when it was working it only ran my automations once in a while
That’s why I’m trying to set it up in webcore everyone says webcore works the best but I don’t know anything about it and when I ask how to set it up no one gives me a straight answer it’s driving me crazy


It’s a while ago since I set this up, but think this is roughly what you need to do.

  • Install the webcore app on your phone (ios or android)
  • log in, I think it needs a code from the main webcore app & your webcore password (same as if connecting to wc dashboard from a browser)
  • Under settings , there’s a tile to “setup sensor” you can name your WC sensor here
  • From settings you can then optionally create locations

The presence sensor should then be available in HE, you can add it wo WC as usual to use in pistons.


I did download the app on my iPhone but can’t seem to find the registration code tho it doesn’t tell you where it is


Think I found how to get the code