Getting WC to see an "integration device"


I just installed some WiFi smart RGBW bulbs and was able to add them to SmartThings by adding them to the Smart Life app and then linking my ST and Smart Life accounts. I see them in the ST app and I can control them using Alexa. The problem is they don’t appear in Webcore’s list of available devices. Which makes sense as it’s really just cloud-to-cloud integration.

I bought the bulbs specifically to use with WC and will likely return them as I can’t get WC to see them. Before I do, I thought I’d ask this group if anyone has encountered a similar challenge and found a workaround. TIA for any suggestions.

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In the app, did you only look at the first two lists of devices (Actuator and Sensor), or did you check inside the three category groups for all the other lists (all the other capabilities that were around at the time the lists were created)?

There are some integrations that aren’t visible to legacy apps, but they are rare. As long as one capability is known to webCoRE you should be able to use the device.


I hadn’t until I read your post. They were under Capability Group 1. Thank you!