Google home relay "speak" pause


Is there a way to have a slight pause when “speaking” to prevent on long run on sentence. I don’t want to use separate “speak” commands, because of the annoying “Broadcast from” thing.


A well placed comma is the best I have found in a single line…
Too bad three periods in a row doesn’t make the pause any longer…


I use speech to text software and after getting mp3 file, edit the sentence anyway I want to (give pauses, speed etc)…
long way of doing it but you do it one time and you are done…


Great idea Ike! This also lets you insert sound effects around the spoken text if you wish…


You should hear my main alarm…
It starts with sirens… voice… warning… sirens…
total caos:)))))


(I am a fan of sound effects for alerts, so guests don’t know what certain sounds represent)


I hope you mean your burgler alarm and not your wakeup alarm!! :rofl:


Dude, i am happily married and I want to stay that way:joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy:


The funny part is,
I have burgler alarm… lights, 8 outdoor cameras, 3 indoor cameras the whole nine yards AND
the crime rate in my city is 0.01% (domestic only) LOL


Great idea, but it doesn’t work with my morning weather report.
Also, mp3s don’t work with Google assistant relay.