Google Mini for 99 cents including Spotify for 3 months


If you have ever considered getting a Google Mini for your house, now is the time to grab this deal!


Spotify is running a promotion, 3 months for 99 cents, (cancel anytime).
If you follow the steps below, you can also get a $50 Google Mini for free!
(confirmed, and it works!)

Here is a 4 minute video showing how easy it is…
Here is a text based page with links and the steps in detail.

Spotify receipt:


Google Mini receipt:


I saw a few comments that this only works in the US, but I cannot confirm that since I live here.

Also, if you already have a Spotify account, or have used a trial in the past, you will have to use a different email and credit card. (this is what I did)

Good luck everyone!!


For the record, the video says that you can cancel Spotify immediately after ordering your free Mini, but I think I will play it smart and not cancel Spotify until after I have my Mini in hand.
(since we can avoid future billing by cancelling within 58 days)


Were I not so heavily invested in the Echo-system, I’d consider it. But I just don’t have any more room in the house for voice control gadgets. Echo Dots in all bedrooms, living room and kitchen, basement and one bathroom, plus two ecobee4s with Alexa, I just can’t imagine where I’d put it.


I have seen a few comments that people outside the US can still get this deal if they use a VPN


I’m in…


My Google Minis arrived a few days ago!!

According to the promotion, this deal runs thru the end of the year.
(I am tempted to grab another using another email, LOL)