Google/Office 365 Calendar Voice Notifications with Description



I have a piston set up to announce events from my Google and Outlook 365 calendars through IFTTT. Here’s the Google example, In IFTTT I have the following applet set up.

Notice that the url is the standard one you’d get out of WebCore for IFTTT excep at the end is the added
You just have to use the “Add Ingredient” button.

Then in WebCore:

You can use the same piston but use the applet for Outlook 365 to get your calendar from there too. Enjoy!

Google Calendar Integration?
Adding Time Last Opened Announced By Google Into Piston

Thanks for sharing worked great the first few times I created a event to test it. Then I check My Applets activity for a event that did not announce only to find a history of google calendar applets failing in IFTTT over the past few weeks, so it is a problem with the Google Calendar service :frowning: This is why I tend to shy away from IFTTT for reliability issues like this.


I haven’t had a problem with Google or Office 365 service in a while. This is the only way I’ve been able to get Office 365 other than a query using Microsoft Graph which is really messy. Do you have a better solution for either Google or Office?


No I don’t other than GCal Search which is on the forums that I never really tried. This is simple other the occasional lags and applets not firing this will work for me. I tried it again and it fired just fine.


I had a lot of trouble with IFTTT a while ago but it’s been pretty good lately. Watch… I probably just jinxed myself.


Hey Ryan,
How did you get the THEN MAKE A WEB REQUEST action??? By choosing google calendar (Choosing action)?
When I choose google calendar for the ACTION part it only gives me 2 options:

  • Quick add event
  • Create a detailed event

NEVER MIND///when I click on the picture I saw webhook…


How do you get that URL out of webcore in Smartthings API???


Use for your if “Virtual Device” “IFTTT”. Type in what you want to use for your event and your link will appear below.


Sorry man I am very new at this (About 2 months:)))
Where do I do this?

  • WebCore
  • ST API
  • IFTTT app
    UPDATE : Just found a URL in the piston:))) telling me to use that URL… LOL


Does this work everytime you have an event???
Somehow mine worked once and stopped… When I triggered the IFTTT app manually it worked again???


What? It triggers only when you have an upcoming calendar event. Maybe you want to learn more of the basics first.


I`m still working on figuring things out:))
Slowly but surely its getting better:)


I use the Gcal app with Webcore to create SMS messages for my daughter’s college classes.

So I imagine you could do the same and just port the output to your speakers if you wanted.

The Gcal app is probably harder to set up, it has been working reliably for about a month now. You can grab different portions of the event as attributes and save them to variables to format your message like in the above Webcore piston.


I prefer to use this. I don’t want to have 40 different presence sensors. I have this synced with my work calendar and it announces the description. It also works with outlook 365 which GCAl search does not. I like this method. It works perfectly. But thanks for the idea.


Ryan780 have you had any issues with the TTS portion of this? For some reason lately it will not announce it on my speakers but it will send the notification. I know it worked fine when I set it up. Have you had any issues with this?


Yes, but I have been using Assistant Relay for the notifications part now.

You have to issue POST command to the relay to get the notifications but all the rest of the sketch is the same. If you want me to share it, I can pull it together for you.


Yes if you would please.


It’s gotten quite a bit more complicated. It’s actually 3 pistons now.


Wow! Thanks I will have to study this a bit.


Hi @Ryan780

I am a bit late to this party, but hoping you can help. I would like to update my Good Morning piston to announce all today’s events on a particular google calendar in one go. It seem like what you have setup here announces each specific event X minutes before it starts, correct? Any idea how I can announce all today’s events in one go?