Grand Father Clock


I created this Grand Father Clock piston for use with Cast Web API.

The sound files are available at:

There is probably an easier way to do this, but I’m not that smart lol

Edit: Minor mistake on my part, I adjusted the volume to my group ("@speaker") , but used only one home device to play the sounds. Just change “@speaker” to your “Music Player”


Whenever I use a command like:
Every hour at :00 past the hour
it actually runs 1 second early.

For example, my noon trigger usually fires at 11:59:59.

I would probably add a Wait for 1200 ms after line 26 to insure the right sound effect plays.

Also, your 10am and 11am sound effects are backwards


I couldn’t get it to trigger correctly without using “every hour”.

That’s what I get for copying and pasting


Every hour works brilliantly, although it runs one second early for me.
Adding a 1200 millisecond delay after line 26 makes sure it is in the new hour before checking the other IFs.


Updated with WCmore fixes




this might work for you too


See I knew there was an easier way!


Where are you storing your mp3 files? Looking for a FREE storage that I can reference in webcore to play them.


On my GitHub account. They allow up to 25mb storage.


I added Cuckoo Clock sounds to my GDrive :bird:


Raspberry Pi works great for this as well… A one time expense of $39 (or less)


That’s another thing that I haven’t quite figured out. I got Samba up and running, but can’t access it from http