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Hi Everybody,

In my hubitat device options, I’ve got an option to “Set level” with “Duration” that seems to do what I want. Screenshot:


When I set level over a duration, the switch slowly fades to the desired level over the specified duration. Is there a way to access the functionality from webcore? It seems like only the Emulated stair-step fade option is available to me. Screenshot:



Set Level with Duration

In SmartThings (and therefore webCoRE), most bulbs have 100 “levels” of brightness. The smaller the step, and longer the duration, the more subtle the changes.

That being said… Fades are not something I would normally recommend using webCoRE. Fades spams your network with a new command every few moments, and for all practical purposes, are not stoppable once begun.

Sometimes, I might do a short fade, but I avoid creating long ones like the plague.


Ah, for some reason, I was thinking there were only 10 levels. I’m thinking some of my bulbs only do 10 levels.

I was actually trying to do a sunrise-like fade (very gradual over a 10 minute window). I think I got it working the way I like it by incrementing the dimmer by 1% every 8 seconds while specific conditions are true.

The documentation for my Zooz switch implies that the device has hardware support for fades. When I fade with the delay option, I’m not sure if the hub’s code is emulating that, or if the actual switch is doing the fading.


Setting the piston’s Log level to Full (and waiting for the next natural trigger) will answer that question.

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I was wondering if it was doing that outside of webcore. The fade inside of webcore states “Emulated”. The fade inside of the Hubitat console doesn’t say either way. I suppose I could try to find a device that doesn’t have a fade and see if the function works.