Harmony activity problem


1) Give a description of the problem
Piston does not work -> I’m stupid.

2) What is the expected behavior?
When two presence sensors are present and no one is watching tv or playing ps4, then run another harmony activity which turns Philips TVs ambilights on.

3) What is happening/not happening?
When play ps4 on watch tv acitivity is on, lounge lights activity still runs and closes play ps4 or watch tv activity. That should not happen because play ps4 or watch tv activity “switch” is on.

I had to change Lounge lights “do” to toggle instead of switch on or off, because that did not do anything. I guess it has something to do with play ps4 and watch tv activities as well. It seems like webcore does not understand harmony activities as switch on / off.

4) Post a snapshot of the piston

5) Attach any logs (From ST IDE and by turning logging level to Full)

This test was run when ps4 activity was on and both presence sensors were present!

+1ms ╔Received event [Home].test = 1547195332121 with a delay of 1ms
+103ms ║RunTime Analysis CS > 22ms > PS > 48ms > PE > 32ms > CE
+106ms ║Runtime (37832 bytes) successfully initialized in 48ms (v0.3.109.20181207) (103ms)
+107ms ║╔Execution stage started
+127ms ║║Comparison (enum) present is (string) present = true (2ms)
+129ms ║║Condition #2 evaluated true (15ms)
+145ms ║║Comparison (enum) off is (string) off = true (2ms)
+149ms ║║Comparison (enum) off is (string) off = true (2ms)
+152ms ║║Condition #3 evaluated true (20ms)
+153ms ║║Condition group #1 evaluated true (state did not change) (40ms)
+157ms ║║Cancelling statement #4’s schedules…
+221ms ║║Executed physical command [Lounge lights [Harmony Activity]].off() (54ms)
+222ms ║║Executed virtual command [Lounge lights [Harmony Activity]].toggle (60ms)
+228ms ║║Condition group #6 evaluated true (state did not change) (0ms)
+233ms ║╚Execution stage complete. (126ms)
+235ms ╚Event processed successfully (234ms)