Harmony Hub isn't available as an option to add to webCore


Hi, I can add all the activities to webCore from my Harmony Hubs (I have 4), but I can’t add the hubs themselves to webCore, they don’t show up in the list to enable. Why not??? I need to use the hub to issue the ‘off’ command so that everything powers off.


It doesn’t quite work that way. You can’t send discrete signals like that…just the scenes. There is a Hubitat driver that does it…I got it to work for awhile, but haven’t really used it in years.


Smartthings or Hubitat?

For smartthings, there used to be a smartapp (groovy based which will ultimately get shut down). I stopped using when I switched to hubitat but last I saw someone was working on a EDGE driver but I don’t think it was ever fully functional.

For hubitat, there is a great community driver that will give you the option to control activities in addition to other great features.


For Smartthings (webCore specifically), so I’ll give that a shot. Thanks!