Help Needed - Piston to open all but only if closed


Apologies as I’m brand new to this. I have a virtual button in ST for all of my curtain motors (connected via Fibaro Roller Shutter 2) and I’ve currently got a simple automation in ST to open them all. If button is on then open curtain A, open curtain B, open curtain C and turn off button (so it’s momentary) This works but is untidy because it doesn’t consider whether any of the curtains are closed at the outset. The result is that the icons on my Action Tiles panel are animating for curtains that were already opened manually.

As the modules feature a contact I want to have a piston using the button as a trigger that only opens curtains if they are closed. So if button is pressed open curtain A (only if contact A is closed), open curtain B (only if contact B is closed), open curtain C (only if contact C is closed) then turn off button. This would tidy it up so that only curtains in motion would animate the Action Tiles icons.

I can’t get my head around the best way to do this and would appreciate any assistance. Thanks in advance.


The simplest version would be to mock up just as you describe. The opposite could be done for closing as well if you had a second virtual switch. I prefer to leave those as two separate pistons.


Thanks for the quick response - it’s appreciated. I used the attached and seem to have got it working - and the icons in Action Tiles now animate only the curtains that are actually opening. Strangely the physical wall switched seem to have stopped updating the tiles (unless there’s just a long delay). The switch turning off doesn’t work as the log reports that it skipped the action as it would have no effect.

I’ve just tested it with two curtains for now and activated it using the switch with both closed and each closed. I’ll add the rest in and create a second virtual button to activate a close all piston as you suggest. I think there was some quirk in ST or AT about how best to add a virtual button. I had to add a switch, use a button icon and add a command to switch it back off as momentary buttons aren’t supported somewhere.


Try this for a cleaner setup / easier to add extra curtains in the future:


Thanks for that Robin, I’ll re do it and add the rest - I did wonder how they could be grouped to simplify things.

PS - your YouTube video was very helpful when setting up webcore for the first time this morning.


Ah yes, much cleaner setup. I guess I assumed the Fibaro Roller Shutter and the associated contact sensor were separate devices. That’s what I get for assuming. :wink: