Help with a siren delay using arlo


So I have a arlo camera set up for the front door, turns on in away mode. I would like it to trigger the arlo siren with a 20 second delay so my daughter can enter the schlage code and then mode changes to home and camera turns off.
I have tried multiple trial and errors.
if the mode is away and ft. door camera motion changes to active wait 20 seconds and turn on siren then wait 60 seconds and turn off.

I use the motion sensors on the cameras to trigger other devices, and the arlo siren can be controlled separate threw smartthings not sure what I am doing wrong.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


Can you post the piston you have now using the green camera button?


Certainly, thanks for your time.


I could never get the motion to be true.


Ah sorry sir, I have zero experience with core. You should look into switching over to webcore. It’s incredible and ridiculously powerful.


Can you post the first screenshot again. I was taking a look but think the first part is missing


Ok, not sure if this will work, i had to use my motion sensor instead of a camera and then a phone as a siren instead of an alarm.


I think we did it.


Sweet! Glad it worked out!