Holiday Lights: 4th of July / Diwali / Halloween / Christmas - Your Pick



ok doing that now trying this now what do I do with the camparision when I go to edit the line?



So I got to line 124 and click on it correct then change to match your screen shot? Sorry to sound like an idiot but I truly dont know what Im doing when I click on what to compare I get these options physical devices, varual device, value, variable, Expression with a check mark next to it and argument


yep change this line

while time($now) is less than time("23:00")

to match the screenshot


Screen shot isn’t work on computer so I did this.



thats good :smiley:


ok so when its not with in the holiday dates what do lights do?


currently they dont do anything. at the top of the execute section where fadeColors is set to ‘’ set it to ‘white’ or ‘moonlight’ or some color instead if you want the lights to turn on but not do the color fading.


I have @bangali piston for just the holidays then if i want the lights to change colour on normal days, I have this piston take a look at the party mode part.


I will! Being able to play holiday music with it will definitely raise the WAF! I just don’t have any speakers yet so it doesn’t do me a ton of good.


I do want the color changed to happen for holidays but would like the lights to still come on when not holidays at the same times just in white. Didnt know if I would have to add it to this piston somehow or do another one that wont override the holiday lights when its running. I pretty good at construction and fixing things but this programming stuff is an entire defferent language for me


that should work for non-holiday days.


how would I remove the diwali as I wouldnt need that. so if I change the execute section where fadeColors is set to “set to white” then the color changeing will still execute durring the holidays and will just be white the rest of the year? Do I remove lines 62-60 to not have diwali? Im getting this in red and not sure what it means
+2116ms ║An error occurred while executing the event: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘v’ on null object


in n45aq delete with at line 70 remove diwali.


usually happens when a setting was not filled in during restore of the piston.


So I changed the time to 6 hours before sunset just to see if things would come on and my lights arent comeing on at all Lights are working and connected to smart things am I missing a step

I just changed the Diwali colors to only white so shouldne change when that comes around Not sure what line your referring to to change to white for non holiday days


its triggered by time event. so after you save the piston time would have to reach 6 hours before sunset to trigger the piston.

line 56 in the snapshot you posted.

to remove diwali click on the with at line 70 in the snapshot and delete it.


thanks for all your help hopefully Im not to much of a bother. Only thing Im seeing is fade colors and no option to just pick white

Thanks for all your help I switched time to 3 hours before sunset so hopefully it kicks on before I have to leave I cant reply anymore because Im a newbi so had to edit. I really really apprecaite your help


put white in the value field


So I’ve been using this since Halloween but cant figure out why it never runs on its own. I always have to manually put the holiday in the “fadecolors” variable, then it will run. Otherwise it just shows false every night. I have updated the date to run to -30.