Holiday Lights: 4th of July / Diwali / Halloween / Christmas - Your Pick



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probably because the time happens doesnt match any more?


You need to select a speaker then deselect if you don’t have one as well


ok back at it. Tried to change the time line so it stays on till sunrise useing this isBetween($now, $sunset, $sunrise). with starting time 30 minutes before sunset so that should keep it on all night I think? I dont have any plans I useing a speaker so when you say select it and deselect it Im not sure what you mean. I owe you a case a beer when I get this worked out for sure Will have to see what happens with the colors tonight after sun set. Does it matter at all that I have Three lights in this. I wouldnt think so but figure I should check This is what I have as of now


it should. just need to check isBetween handles the sunset to sunrise check properly.

that wasnt me but dont think you need to do that.

think i am owed 5 cases of beer now … if i was keeping tally on the forum :wink:

no that shouldnt matter.


Just got home and no lights on. Changed the line isBetween($now, $sunset, $sunrise) back to isBetween($now, $sunset, time(“23:59”)) and adjusted start time to test. Lights came on but once again the three lights are as follow RGB 1 is just white fading in and out. RGB 2 is Just gold fading in and out RGB 3 is just red fading in and out Arent the lights suppose to cycle between red gold and green? Im stumped and have no idea whats making that happen (or not happen i should say) as well as what to do in order to make it run all night and not shut off at 11:59
Heres a shot of the trace and whats happening. Cant really mess with it to much tonight but i dont wanna give up on it yet for sure Any ideas?


yeah i was a worried that isbetween might not behave as expected. i will give you an example tomorrow to fix that differently. or you can try this:

while isBetween($now, $sunrise, $sunset) is false

the lights not changing colors and rotating is strange. have not heard anyone else have that issue. how is the connectivity to the bulbs? are they located at some distance from the hub?

can you try changing the piston to use only 2 bulbs and see if everything works in that case?


yea Ill take one of the bulbs out and see if it acts normally Weird I took out the white one and just had other two acting the same way one red and one gold fading in and out no color change. Put white one back in and the and took out a defferent one . just getting same results with one red on fading in and out and a gold fading in and out now. No color change. Lights are plenty close to hub Im sure of that . Seems when I introduce a third light it starts gold and then turns white staying that way.


ok. but this is interesting though:

that you dont see the white color when taking one of the bulbs out points to likely connectivity issue. what kind of bulbs are these?

does this work?

while isBetween($now, $sunrise, $sunset) is false


didnt mess with that part yet was just testing to see if the colors would change and act correct.


Hue bulbs

ST hub is proably 10 feet from first light with only two walls between

So when the piston first starts the color changes one time on each bulb then one turns white one gold one red just doing the fade up and down
Just changed to two other bulbs I have and same results one red one gold just fading in and out.


are they direct connected to the ST hub or thru the hue bridge?


I added them to smart things directly though add a thing


i dont use hue … maybe someone else with hue bulbs can jump in and confirm if this works or not.


What bulbs are you using? Ill maybe start over from scratch again and see what happens when I actually have the time and patients to do so. Time to see if the hawks can finish this game strong


i use osram bulbs. primary colors work well other colors work fine for holiday lights and stuff like that.

good luck! :smile:


@bangali was thinking of getting some smart pug in sockets to turn on off “dumb Christmas lights” would I have to create a seperate variable for the just on off lights? Or should they work and just ingnore the dim /change colour command?


@Boarderc577 for reference I also use Osram lights and they work great :slight_smile:


I’m using hue lamps for mine but though the Hub. never tried to connect one direct to ST.

@bangali congratulations you have managed the impossible and got a positive response from my wife about “that crap I’m always messing with”. I’m away with work right now but on the 1st December our garage outside lights started their Christmas colours and shortly after she rolled up from work I received an email saying she was not expecting that and that they looked great. I had to sit down! once again, well done sir!

did we ever get any suggestions for the xmas sounds? might be fun for a short while


MY GOAL Right there


cool. but i wouldnt put that light in this piston. it slows down the processing with each additional light. smart lighting is useful here. or there is always: :wink: