Holiday Lights: 4th of July / Diwali / Halloween / Christmas - Your Pick



thank you. but if i were you i would just take all the credit myself and tell a tale about how you put that little thing together because you knew she would love it. brownie points with the wife man those are priceless :wink:

for a short while is right. i turned off sound in mine :smiley:


oh don’t you worry she knows nothing of your existance :wink:

i was thinking of having the sound just for xmas day and on a motion detector randomly



yeah xmas morning would be nice.


i might have a play when i get home.
quick question, if i use

date is between {addDays (date(“12/25/” + $year), 0)} and {addDays (date(“12/25/” + $year), 0)}

will that work for just the 25th or is ther a better way to do that i cannot seem to figure out how to do

date is 12/25/$year


that will work fine.


What’s this the :grin: a @bangali SA, may give it a go!


Can I throw a wrench into this. I have three RGBW can lights above my garage doors. All my Xmas lights run from sunset to 11:00 P.M. then at 11:00 P.M. the Xmas lights shut off and the canned lights change color fade to 5000K. At sunrise the canned lights shut off. How would I have them change at 11:00 during holiday and have them at 5000K non holiday?


I do this with two pistons. one that handles the normal activation of the lights (say normal_light) then when its a holiday i use a command in the holday lights piston to pause the normal_light piston. then when the holiday lights end daily at 2359 it resumes the normal_light piston and it follows the normal schedule until sunrise when they go off.

sorry i’m not at home to get a screenshot for you i can post it on friday when i get home if you still need it then


Makes sense. i will try that


I seem to be having the same issue. Rocking Osram Gardenspot. Initially the light go from green to red, then it just goes up and down in brightness. Not sure what is up.


i know folks only post on a thread when they experience issues and that is the purpose of the forum so thats cool. but i am a little concerned because this is the second report of colors not rotating just levels going up and down. so wanted to ask are there users using this where the colors rotate and the levels fade ok?

thank you.


No worries. Appreciate you creating such a great piston which is why I am choked that I ended up creating a ghetto piston using setcolor and waits. lol


thanks but like to confirmation from at least another user that its working from there to make sure i am not missing something here.

you are welcome. probably had too much time on my hand. :wink:


yes @bangali am now noticing this too dont know what has changed?

Edit: It does seem to be sending the command so maybe I just missed them change.


nothing has actually changed in the piston. but there have been a couple of ST releases since the piston.

it would be great if you could please validate the color rotation thru bulbs either way.

thank you.


I’m actually having the same issue. Figured it was a problem on my end. It devolved from getting stuck on red to just not functioning at all.

Only changes i’ve made are turn off at sunset (using your provided code) and adjusting minimum brightness to 25 instead of 1


@tofu and @borristhecat are you using piston code n45aq ?



Yup n45aq.

Just deleted it and started fresh to rule out any errors. I’ll report back tomorrow night EST


So I got back to this. Deleted it and did a fresh start myself and got same results. Kinds feel better it’s not just me and for all the help Bengali has been giving


for some strange reason incrementing the colorindex at the bottom of the while loop has stopped working. which is extremely strange to say the least.

but moved the statement up and all is well now. try piston code 27364