Holiday Lights: 4th of July / Diwali / Halloween / Christmas - Your Pick



yes it works for a bit then gets stuck on red. Have you enabled parallelism on this version?


the old version n45aq or the new version 27364?


btw, enabling parallelism on this piston is likely to cause unpredictable results. would not recommend.


the old version just in process of moving to new one


I just fired off the new one and it appears to be working now :grin:
Now i just need to figure out how to keep them going till sunrise


I would love to get this set up


here goes my first attempt at posting a piston

if that worked then this is based from an earlier version of this piston that I’ve modded to change the piston status an line 91 pauses my daily garage lights piston and line 153 resumes it after this one stops. this piston is set to fire at 20 mins before sunset so that it pauses my daily schedule one that is set to trigger at 10 mins before sunset before it turns the lights on.

for the record this version of the piston did not have any of the colour change issues reported above.


if you apply the same changes from last time that should work.


tried the latest update. so far so good


I’ve been messing around with this, using 2 mono price RGB LED bulbs (PID 27482), but whenever this piston is running, none of my other device respond… anyone have any thoughts on that?
it’s rather curious…


Bangali my man, It now works. Thanks so much for fixing it! Using the fancy piston instead of my ghetto piston now!


insert a 5 second pause at the bottom of the while loop before line 215 but after line 214 in the piston snapshot and check if that improves things.

after you are done with the changes save piston and take snapshot it should look like this in the snapshot:


Thank you very much for this cool piston :slight_smile: It is working great so far.

a few newbie questions for you please:

  1. How can I manually start/stop this piston from my phone?
  2. Can you please point me to the lines I need to edit if I want to play with the colors? For example, I would only like to alternate between red and green (Xmas mode) :slight_smile:
  3. What lines would I need to edit to make the lights change color faster



Thanks! I added it, it didn’t land in the same spot, but will try it out tonight!


ok. if you look at the green snapshot it seems to be in the same spot.

  1. this should normally kickoff at at a time specified in the first if condition and stop when the condition in the while statement is met.
  2. in the snapshot image edit line 24 to change it to ‘Green,Red’ instead of ‘Green,Red,Gold’
  3. wouldnt suggest it. its pretty resource intensive piston. but if you want to try it lower the value of frequency.


I want to visit @bangali’s house :smile:


get in the transporter :smiley:


Thanks for your reply @bengali !

Regarding point (1) I dont want this to start at a specific time. I want to manually start and stop it from my phone, or alternatively assign a button on my minimote to start and stop.

Is this possible?



yes. let me post an example later.