Holiday Lights: 4th of July / Diwali / Halloween / Christmas - Your Pick



yeah looks right … do you have time to try a little experiment? will require 15/30 mins of your time.


go for it if you still have time


oops playing tag here … still around?


yeah but not for 30 mins now, working nights this week so ill be on at 10-11 GMT tomorrow?


did you mean 10am GMT? :slight_smile:

2:00 AM PST
Convert Timezone: 10:00 AM GMT to PST (UTC-8)


yeah 10 am :slight_smile: i’ll be browsing from about 8:30 then have to go to work at 13:00 ish after a kip so can do it anytime that suits you.

edit just realized :wink: no worries maybe tomorrow night when i get back about 00:00


ok. 10am GMT is 2am PST for me. will try to catch you earlier. if you dont mind drop me a PM when you are back and have time.

thank you.


@bangali, it might be just me (most probably is) but i had issues with the latest version.

I created the global variable, and set it to false. I don’t have a sound option so your sound variable is set to false. I left the sound device set to default. I changed the start time to test the piston.

The piston turned on but then would get stuck, on the colour purple. It would increase or decease in brightness and that was it. The previous piston uvau4 worked perfectly in my environment.

I have gone back to the previous version honj5 and uvau4, but unfortunately for some reason (even after adjusting the time for turning on) they aren’t firing correctly for me. They fire and then they tell me they are re-setting until that time tomorrow. So I can not test to ensure A: my set up is still OK and B: narrow down where an issue may exist.

Just thought I would pass on the information.


post snapshot?


I did also think this was happening, but if you watch for long enough they do change. What I think is happening is sometimes it picks purple or another colour 2 or more times in a row.

@bangali hows the logic set for picking colours? Is it random for the list?


@bangali I’ll post when I get home, which will be in some hours. I’m on GMT time.


Colors are rotated sequentially so that shouldn’t be the issue.


@bangali , I started the whole process again, ie deleted the global variable and old piston.
Created a new global variable and created a new piston based on the latest import code. I assigned my lights to RGB 1 & 2 then reedited the piston so that the lights only showed up the once.

The only other item i changed was the start time to run a rest. My start time was set to 10.35 GMT

I ran a test before the time and at the time the lights didn’t come on. I checked the log of the lights and there is no reference to the light being called by the piston. I attached piston and logs (is there an easy way to export logs!!!)


Full Log


on line 78 change to 1 instead of 0 at the end of the line as shown in the image and try please.


@bangali making the change from 0 to 1 (which I assume is one day after Halloween) worked, however I had to make another change. You turn the lights off at 23:00 I extended that to 23:59.

At the time I ran my test about 23.25 I would still be Halloween day here.

I ran another test, changed 0 to 1 and extended the time to go off at 01:00, however that didn’t turn on the lights.

I ran another test, changed 1 to 3 and extended the time to go off at 01:00, however that didn’t turn on the lights.

I guess this is just a date timing element. Again I’m just mentioning it as I needed to change them for testing and then just tested further.


yeah probably a date timing thing. and if you are across the pond as others have noted the date comparison can be a little funky.


I also had to change the end date to 1 instead of 0 as it didn’t run last night, was that a mistake or did it work across the pond?


Sorry for a basic question, but I have only created a few webCoRE pistons. I have never used an example one. Is there a way to copy it into your own piston, or do you have to type in each line?


yes there is no need to type in each line. :slight_smile:

after clicking add a new piston in this window click the orange button:

then put in your name and whatever you want to call the piston and type in n45aq in the backup bin code to restore from field. that code is from the piston image in the first post on this thread. this will create your copy of the same piston and let you add your own lights replacing the ones currently in the piston etc.


Thank you so much!