How do I refresh/check for new devices & modes?


I have a Hubitat Elevate, and I can’t figure out how to check for new devices.

Any guidance?

(All the existing forum posts I see with related questions seem to be about SmarThings and/or super old and obsolete)


As new devices are added to HE, you can see these under HE console -> devices

To have webcore be able to use the devices, you need to allow webcore to use these devices

HE console -> apps -> webcore -> settings -> “available devices”

here you can check / uncheck devices, be sure to hit update if you change a section, and to scroll to the bottom and next/done your way out.


Hit the nail on the head. A+!

Related question: How do I push new Rule Machine rules over to webCoRE? It doesn’t seem like the Webcore Settings menu inside HE console offers a way to do that.


(Seemingly related, but I’m not understanding how to use this:


It should get this update if you go into webcore and hit next/done your way out

HE console -> apps -> webcore


rule global variables and its connector are created in RM on HE.

HE console -> Apps -> Rule Machine

  • create set, delete global variables

This appear a new device in HE (so the device needs to be added to webcore).

Ensure you are at the latest webCoRE version so that setVariable works properly on this device.


Ah! I checked for updates yesterday and didn’t find anything, although today I updated, and this solved the issue. Thanks!


Actually, looks like this actually isn’t working.

My global variable name, as it appears in webCoRE, is @AlarmTime. I’ve created a connector in HE Rule Machine also called @AlarmTime, and created a Variable type Connector in HE (Variable is the only option I have… see screenshot).

How do I get these two entities to talk to each other and update each other?


Likely need to see logs for what you are doing in webCoRE, and the state changes of the connector variable.

You might try avoid the @ in the connector variable name, but I’m speculating without information / logs.