How does webcore exist?


WebCore has been a revelation and I am totally dependent on it. I worry sometimes that it may go away. I realize it is not free for the developers to maintain.

Is there a way to donate so that it keeps being a free service?


I’m sure @ady624 (the king of webCoRe) will happily accept donations :dollar:

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Thank you.


@ady624’s donate button is at the top of every page here ▲



Webcore definitely deserves a good donation. (I did it but with my wife"s paypal) so it’s not under this account:)

Before webcore I was extremely disappointed with ST app or many other apps and I thought “This whole smarthome business is a joke”
But thanks to @ady624 because of Webcore, I am all in…


Thank you all. Just to address the original question, the cost for maintaining webCoRE (remember, it’s only a UI hosted with Google Cloud) - are covered mostly by ads on the community. They come about flush at cca. $75/mo :slight_smile: Keeping the cost low is key :slight_smile: Most of these costs are the API servers in eu/us and the mysql db that are used (among others) for fuel streams.