How to access log information


Is there a way to access log data from within webcore? I need a way to capture and use the value “16” seen below.

This information is not included in any of the device attributes.


Best way is change the device code to make that an attribute


I wish I knew how to do that. The device code is for a telnet connection to my Russound AV controller. I send a text command to the device (ADJUST C[1].Z[1].turnOnVolume="+1" from above) and the AV controller sends back the “16” that I am wanting.


In the device an attribute is defined with

attribute “name”, “number”

And updated with



Here is the driver. It was not written for use with the Russound. But it serves my purpose and works rather well. I am happy to attempt to modify this driver with help. But I do not know groovy or anything about writing a device driver.